Freedom Life Church
Sunday, October 22, 2017
Without GOD, there would be no us.
Freedom Life Church didn't ask for the articles in the papers or the TV.  We just opened the doors of Freedom Life Church to offer a hand to help those stranded on I-35.  God said go, we went and he did the rest.
Here is a photo posted on the Dallas Morning News webpage on 12/7.
Here is a link to the Dallas Morning News article that talks about how Pastor Gary Sweatman opened the doors of Freedom Life Church.
Here is the official link for the Fox 4 NEWS videos
Once your on the Fox 4 NEWS Video web page click on the video titled 'Drivers Stranded'.
Freedom Life Church assisted the stranded motorist with food, drink and a warm place to stay.
Here is a link to an article on the Christian Post that talks about helping over 200 stranded motorist.

We are thankful for all of the volunteers that helped us give aid to the stranded motorist on I-35 between 12/6 and 12/8.
We want to send SPECIAL THANKS to the following:

Wal-Mart Distribution Center - donated a pallet of water
Steve's Bake Shop - donated food
Denton County Emergency Services - donated cots and emergency packets
American Red Cross - purchased food (McDonald's and Chicken Express)
Chicken Express - prepared a large amount food
McDonald's - prepared a large amount of food
Community of Sanger - numerous volunteers and helpers, donated blankets, pillows, etc.
Sanger Police, Fire Department and Rescue workers
Michael and Dianna Dumas
Tephanie and Abbi Byrom
Del, Debbie and Amanda Phylips
Mike and Judy Howard
Jayden and Ryan Tomlinson
Regan Christen
Josh Secrest
Please excuse us if we have left off any names or groups from the above list.

Sr. Pastor Gary Sweatman
Our next Bible Study will be on 3/18 at 07:00 pm @ FLC.
The first book we will go thru is the Prision to Praise book pictured here, by Merlin Carothers.
For more information please contact Tephanie Byrom @ 940-395-3646.
Kendra Garcia is organizing a book drive to start a Church Library at Freedom Life Church.  We need your help! We are accepting new and used book donations. Please donate a book or two!! We can arrange for pick up, or you are welcome to drop any donations off at FLC. Thanks ya'll!!
(Please note that Freedom Life Church is a non-profit organization, and any donations are tax deductible).
If you have any questions please contact Kendra Garcia on facebook or at FLC.
To view the Softball schedules for the Denton league, check this web page -  There is lots of information and schedules listed on the page.

BREAKING NEWS: Chris Hester nominated as finalist in 2013 Singing News Magazine Fan Awards  “New Soloist of the Year”.


Chris Hester joined us again on June 30th 2013 for our 5th Sunday singing. 

Here is Chris Hester facebook fan page -



Garald Crabb joined us for our Crabb and Crawfish Revival on 4/5, 4/6 and 4/7 as we celebrated 5 years at Freedom Life Church. 
The revival is over but the Holy Spirit is not done yet.  If you missed one of the sermons, no problem.  You can click on the links below to play one or more of the sermons.  These links below play the files in MP3 format using flash.  You may also request a CD version of the sermons.  Email us here.
Pastor Bill Bennett joined us for several weeks to bring us a series including a Prophecy of End Times and teachings on the Holy Spirit. (1/18, 1/20, 1/27, 2/3 and 2/10)
These include the following:

What is The Rapture?
When will The Rapture take place?
Will the Church go through any part of The Tribulation?
The Holy Spirit our teacher and helper.
The Person and work of the Holy Spirit.
The Holy Spirit Baptism.
Below are the links to download or play the audio recordings from the series of messages that Pastor Bennett brought to us.  CD copies of the recordings are also available upon request
     Listen to the Audio by clicking
  the play arrow on the boxes below:

Kevin Alexander joined us and shared a Special End Times message on 1/2/2013.  Kevin is the Pastor at U-Turn World Ministries. 

 Here is a link to the sermon on soundcloud -

Here is the link to the sermon stored on our web page.

Here is the U-Turn World Ministries web pages - and facebook.


Weston and Christy Hinson joined us for our 5th Sunday Singing on 12/30.
Check out their web page  -
The King's River group joined up for our 5th Sunday Singing on 9/30/2012.  For more information about the group and their music, check out their web page -
Kyle Thompson and Eddie B. joined us in our Back to School BASH on 9/5/2012.  Click here for Kyle's facebook page.
Check out Eddie B's web page - for more information and photos.  You can listen to some of Eddie's songs on  Click the search button and search for 'eddieb'.
Rate Eddie B's 'Carry me Home' song with 5 stars, only once per computer -
Check out Eddie B's new band -
Send Eddie B a facebook friend request.  Eddie will post updates on his facebook page -
We were honored to have special guest speaker Gerald Crabb with us in Revival. Click here to check Garald's web page.
Below I have the links to all of the sermons that the Holy Spirit directed to us from Gerald Grabb. You can click the small 'x'  if you see a sponsored link below.
   Sunday AM Service 8/12 -
   Sunday PM Service 8/12 -
Monday night Service 8/13 -
Tuesday night service 8/14 -
You can also  play or download the recordings from
CD formatted copies are available upon request.

FLC 2nd Annual Canoe / Kayak / Tube Trip

Broken Bow, OK

July 19 - July 21

Everyone had a great time...
Can't wait till next year.......

The Freedom Rider's first bike run was on April 21st.  The group rode their bikes to  Cartwright Oklahoma (60 miles) and eat fish.   The group enjoyed the the scenic route a couple of hours both ways.
Please join us in welcoming our recently announced Fellowship Pastors and Event Coordinators - Michael and Dianna Dumas.  They recently facilitated the 'Art of Marriage Video Seminar' at Freedom Life Church. There were seventeen couples ministered to from the seminar. 
They will be planning future events to support and up lift families and promote fellowship at Freedom Life Church.  

The first event was held at the Dumas home on 4/13/2012.  The next event will be at Gary and Tammy Sweatman's home on June 1st 2012. 

Stay tuned for more upcoming events here on our NEWS page and on our facebook page.  
Christian Music Artist - Mercy's Well visited us on Wednesday 4/4/2012.  Visit their web page for more information about this popular Trio Christian band. -
They have several songs on their web page that you can listen to for free.
There are new additions to Freedom Life Church all the time.  Welcome Tory Don Sweatman as our newly announced Youth Pastor.
Tory lead Youth NIGHT March 23rd 2012 at Freedom Life Church. 
Click the link below to listen to his message.
Eddie B. blessed us with his testimony, song and worship again on 3/21/2012. 
Eddie B., Sandi B. and the Conviction for Christ Ministry are responsible for 400 Bible studies in prisons throughout the United States in addition to holding events in schools and churches.
Eddie brings a powerful testimony through the Word and music that will change your life.  Eddie plays Christian Rock with words of his own story and praise to our King.
Check out his web page - for more information and photos.
Ronny Hinson joined us on 01/29/2012.  There were around 150 who were in attendance, all were truly blessed. 
Ronny is one of the original Hinson's.  He is the singer, songwriter, and composer of the award winning song "The Lighthouse".  Here is a link to a YouTube video of him singing "The Lighthouse". 
Here is Ronny Hinson's web and facebook pages.
Congratulate Ashton Prince the next time you see him.  He received the 9th Grade Wildcat of the Month award for January 2012 from Guyer High School.  He won this award because of his leadership qualities, extracurricular activities, role model behavior and positive influence within the school community.  His ROTC Commander stated Ashton has been picked as a element leader in ROTC and is signified by wearing the red chord across his shoulder.  As this role, Ashton leads 5 other students.  He also added, this leadership role is normally reserved for sophomores, juniors and seniors, Ashton is a freshman.

U-Turn World Ministries web page linkKevin Alexander joined us on Sunday night 1/15/2012.  Click the link below to hear the sermon that Kevin shared with us.


Kevin is the Pastor at U-Turn World Ministries.  He is also Coach Shelby's brother.

Pastor Kevin is a native of Wise County. He and his wife, Clover, have been married since 1997 and have three beautiful children. Pastor Kevin battled addictions for 17 years and has personally experienced the transforming power of the gospel. He served at EMIC for 7 years under Pastor George and Terri Pearsons, and now leads U-Turn World Ministries with a desire to see lives changed through a relationship with Jesus Christ.  

Here is the U-Turn World Ministries facebook page.

_____________________________________________________________________ sure enjoined having Gregg and Beverly Wiegel at FLC on 12/4/2011.
They joined us from Huchinson Kansas. 
Check out Gregg's facebook page.
Chris Hester and his wife joined us on our 5th Sunday singing on 10/30/2011.
Check out some of his tracks on his facebook page.  Here is a way to download songs from his new album - REACH. _____________________________________________________________________ 

Check out what is being preached at Sanger High School.Coach Ronnie Shelby (Sanger High School) is leading us on Wednesday nights and bringing what he calls WORD TIME.   Come listen to see what the Holy Sprint has given the Coach to bring to the pulpit. 

His web page is   

Click the window below to listen to the 9/4/2011 message that Coach Ronnie Shelby shared:
We truly enjoyed having the Bob Wills family during our morning worship service on 7/31.  We hope that they come visit us again real soon.
In 1976 Bob launched the BOB WILLS FAMILY,  a full time singing ministry with his wife and children: Bobby Lee, Don, Ron, Angel, and Betty Jo.   Bob and his family have sung gospel music in Canada, Alaska, Hawaii, and every state of our nation. Their ministry has taken them overseas to England, Germany, France, Holland, and Belgium.
Our food pantry needs to be restocked.
Current list of items the pantry needs restocked on are (in no certain order): 
  • Canned vegetables
  • Canned fruits
  • Canned meats
  • Soup
  • Shampoo
  • Toilet paper
  • Laundry detergent
  • Deodorant  - his and hers
  • Disposable razors - his and hers
  If you can, please bring items to church with you on Wednesday and Sunday.  THANKS in advance.
 Check out some of the pics from our outing to the Rock and Worship Roadshow concert on 4/9/2011.
 3/28 Check out some of the pics in the recording studio.  This is Tory Sweatman's first CD recording. 
3/25/2011 Freedom Life Church would like congratulate Jacki Aguirre for being recognized as employee of the quarter at Denton County MHMR.  To add to that we would also like to congratulate her for being an outstanding student in UNT's doctorate program. 
Check out the new song that Gary and Tory did.  Gary calls it the 'The Believe Song'.

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We had 3 van loads that went with us to the packed American Airlines Center on 2/18 to Winter JAM 2011.  We had a blast and it was awesome to see so many people praising the LORD.


Check out the artist and the concert here.Check out the Winter JAM tour on facebook.

Check out what is being preached at Sanger High School.Coach Ronnie Shelby (Sanger High School) lead the message Wednesday night 2/16.  He told us what God is doing at Sanger High School.  His web page is  You can listen to his message here or on our sermon web page.  Click the play button below to start the audio playback.


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